Business insurance

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YOUR NEEDS - Bespoke insurance coverage for your company and its staff.

Insurance for your company, its premises, its staff and their family...

Health insurance
Employees, staff, management, directors and dependents. A wide range of options between hospitalization, emergencies, routine doctor visits, evacuation, repatriation, dental, maternity, routine visits and more.
Life insurance
Group life insurance plans for companies where the policy covers an entire group of people.
Personal Accident
Insurance that pays a benefit upon permanent disablement or death caused solely by a sudden accident. Many times it can be an add-on with health insurance.
General liability
Coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.
Property & Equipment
Insure your place of business, equipment and machinery. A variety of perils such as fire, flooding, property damage.
All risks film & events insurance
The Show Must Go On! But sometimes, it can’t... The inevitable glitch can cause costly delays and productions to run over budget much to the dismay of producers and investors. The Film & Events production All Risks package policy is designed to protect your production from costly delays and legal issues arising from a whole host of exposures by combining all required insurance coverages into one comprehensive, competitively priced policy.
Captain & crew
Long-term coverage designed specifically for individual and group marine crew members.

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