Production insurance

All-Risk Production Insurance

The Show Must Go On! But sometimes, it can’t... Film production is becoming more and more complex with average budgets increasing for each production. The inevitable glitch can cause costly delays and productions to run over budget much to the dismay of producers and investors. Stuff happens, it’s a fact! Actors can become ill or get injured; equipment can break or become damaged; and despite the fact that digital technology has made shooting much more stable, glitches or issues in production or post-production still happen! BML Services offers bespoke solutions for all your productions in Asia.

Cast Non-Appearance

Covers financial losses to the production associated with accident or illness of key cast or crew including spouse and immediate family.


Covers financial losses to the production associated with damage to or loss of footage shot in both production and post-production.

Producers’ Indemnity

Covers financial losses to the production associated with production delays due to non-delivery of equipment or cast/crew, natural disasters, terrorism, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Equipment, Props & Sets

Includes coverage for rented and owned equipment (including during transit) or props/sets.

Public Liability, 3rd Party Property Liability, & Entrusted Property

Three separate coverages with three separate coverage limits for total protection.

Optional Coverages

Personal Accident, Cash, Baggage, Character Vehicles, Production Office Contents, weather day.

Weather Day Cover

The Weatherproof cover provides protection against loss of costs, expenses, additional and abortive costs as a result of cancellation, delay or postponement of a production or event caused by weather conditions. Policies must be issued at least 14 days prior to the production or event.

Weather Analytics

Is our exclusive Weather Data partner. They store fifty times the global historical climate data than any other provider in the world. The data is sourced, assembled, cleaned and rationalized to create historical climate data.

The Data Model

A structured weather data platform, sixty trillion data points. Developed from 35 years of global gap-free weather data. Weather stations, satellite, flight radar, weather buoys and many more.

The Result

The most accurate insurance pricing, determined based on the data analysis produced by the platform.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Oops..! When a production company uses ideas, titles, plots and characters without being entitled to so, the Errors & Omissions coverage assumes the cost of legal liability and defense of the lawsuit. It also provides protection against alleged libel, slander, defamation of character and privacy invasion.